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Hello and welcome! We've designed this site as your 'go to' place for reliable information and resources on Differentiated Instruction. The site is also the home of the Institutes that we host on the grounds of the University of Virginia. We hope that this site provides you a place to share your successes with others and find help from experts in the field. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. You may want to begin by learning about how we define Differentiated Instruction.

Carol Tomlinson
William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor of Education
Curry School of Education - University of Virginia

Institute News

UPDATE: Best Practice Institute Full

Our Best Practice Institute, Making Differentiation Work -- Linking Your Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, is officially full. We look forward to seeing educators from around the United States and one from Marrakesh!

Summer Institute Registration Now Open

This week-long institute will fill quickly as educators come from around the world to work with Carol and her team on the principles and practices of differentiation. SIAD provides educators with high quality, research-based support in instruction that is responsive to student needs. Teachers and administrators will work closely with experts in curriculum, assessment, and instruction in an intensive and interactive learning experience and will use their own content standards as a springboard to create and align learning goals to meaningful instruction.

Tomlinson's Latest

The Differentiated Classroom: New Edition Out

Finally, after 15 years Carol has revisited her seminal work The Differentiated Classroom.

One To Grow On: Pondering Good versus Great

In her monthly column for Ed Leadership, Carol reflects on the many schools she's worked with and tries to put her finger on what made those great schools stand out:

"The rare schools had basically the same traits as the good schools, but there was something more—something intangible, but nonetheless real. They were marked by a palpable energy, an urgency of purpose that made me a conscript. I wanted to know the people, understand their work, be energized by whatever it was that caused them to be both driven and liberated. In these schools, there was a shared singularity of purpose that had to do with bettering the prospects of young people; all efforts focused in that direction, regardless of countervailing pressures from any external source. Teachers and administrators alike exhibited "why not" thinking, and there was a boldness of thought and action tempered by humility."

Success, Student-by-Student: An Interview with Carol Ann Tomlinson

Carol talks to the Alabama Best Practices Center about differentiation and her new book from ASCD, Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom, which is co-authored with UVA colleague Tonya Moon.

Videos from our Presenters


Featured Video 1

Just getting started with Differentiation?

In a video clip filmed at one of our Institutes, Carol Tomlinson breaks down three basic ways researchers tell us that students can differ with respect to learning: readiness, interest, and learning profile. She then suggests how teachers might differentiate with these needs in mind.

Media of Interest

Using Technology to Become a Better Listener

In a new ASCD Express issue on Differentiation and Technology, Melinda Moran shares practices that help us know our students better and suggests online resources that support those practices: Becoming Better Listeners.

Podcast: PreK-12 Talk Radio

Starting about 2:45, Carol has a chat with educational podcaster, Larry Jacobs, in Maine, .

Online Education Radio at Blog Talk Radio with EduTalk on BlogTalkRadio

The Stigma of Low Expectations

Ed Week blogger, Peter DeWitt, uses an article published in Educational Leadership by Carol Tomlinson and Jane Jarvis, "Teaching Up," as a springboard to discuss setting high expectations for all students.

Several Ways To Differentiate Instruction

Award-winning teacher, author and blogger, Larry Ferlazzo asked Carol Tomlinson and Rick Rick Wormeli to help answer the question, "What is the best advice you can give to a teacher about differentiating instruction?" Read how they answered that question in his Teacher Blog in Education Week."